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ANyone having problems wth ALEKS website lately?


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We stopped doing ALEKS for a few months, and when we started back with it this summer, we are having lots of problems with getting the site to load. It won't work at all in Firefox, so we're using it in IE, but it still intermittently won't finish loading the pages. Just wondering if it's the site or my computers.



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I know they did some upgrades in June. Go to the aleks webpage. Up in the right corner click on support. This should open up the page. There is a link for more FAQ's . The next page has a category called technical. You may check what they have to say about system requirements or troubleshooting. if all else fails here is the phone number and email.

Contact Customer Support - K12

Hours (EST):

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM


Phone: (714) 619-7090

Note: Please feel free to email us and provide your phone number with a date and time and we’ll call you!

Fax: (714) 245-7190

Email: contact us at http://support.aleks.com


Hope that helps. Ruby

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We have always found their help people to be exceedingly helpful :) The last time I had issues with the website it was because of the edition of java that my computer was running. They walked me step by step through dealing with the issue.




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