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Memoria Press Academy Latin classes?

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I had a son do the middle school class this year. He loved it and did well. He had no prior Latin experience so it was the right pace. The class had audio which really helped.


The year before last, another son took the high school class. He had no prior backgound in Latin and was overwhelmed. It just moved to fast for him. The class at the time had no audio component which didn't help. He was able to do well on the tests by cramming (he actually got an A+) but really didn't know what he was doing. I ended up switching to another on-line class which reviewed material he was supposed to have known before continuing at a slower pace.


The problem may have been with my son (not the best at time management) and his first intro. to the high school pace. Now that there is audio, I'd expect the class to be improved. Hope this helps.

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We are doing this next year for the twins Middle School. They are also working through Basic Language Principles from a Latin Background this summer. Both as re-mediation in English and a preview of Latin. Our home school advisor recommended it highly. Time will tell for us.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences.


After searching old posts, I decided to try Lone Pine. Dh, the Latin teacher in our family, much prefers Lingua Latina and its approach. Karin also seems like a very thoughtful person so I hope it's a good fit for dd.


Thanks again!

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I guess my student just prefers the Book. ;)


All online, audio courses, etc. seem to flop for him.


Either just uses up extra time for learning he could have just done from the book anyhow, or the online class didn't move at student's pace, etc.




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