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What age would you use Getting Started with Latin?


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At what age would you use http://www.gettingstartedwithlatin.com/ ?



How would Getting Started with Latin compare to Prima Latina?:confused:



My 4th grader wants to start Latin and I'm in the dark. Our choices are to start something easy and slow 30 min 4 times a week would be the maximum time now. Or we wait till she's ready to take Latin in an online course with live interaction.

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I think 4th grade would be a great age to start GSWL - it says ages 8-adult, I think. Prima Latina would be way too young for a 4th grader - it is for K-2. For comparison, I read that GSWL is roughly comparable to doing Latina Christiana I & II (the Latin programs that follow PL).

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