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Dust mite allergies--non-polyester bedding options???

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Hi folks,


My husband has just been diagnosed with dust allergies. I am actually fairly upset about it--I am just NOT the best housekeeper and find it overwhelming to think of keeping this house dust-free!


I would like to purchase allergen bedding and pillow covers, but the ones I have found so far are polyester. I'm not real enthused about synthetics. They seem hot and fake to me. I like to buy products that are organic if I can afford it, and I like to buy products that are chemical-free. Any suggestions for healthier allergen bedding?



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Organic doesn't mean chemical-free. In fact, one of the most common organic pesticides is scary enough that I actively avoid organic foods.


Most allergy bedding is for use under regular sheets. Use only sheet, comforters, and blankets that can be washed hot. For dusting, I use washable microfiber cloths, no spray. Eliminate soft curtains in bedrooms, and dust blinds/shades. Eliminate rugs and carpets, too. Fans also make the problem worse.


I have ultra-high dust allergies. :-)

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