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Need science help, please!

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My oldest ds is going to be a junior this year. He is finishing up SOS Biology. He doesn't do well in math (all manner of processing disorders) and has no interest in college, but rather the military. Apologia is just too much for him. He can't keep up with the writing, and it's just frankly to advanced for him. Is there a science curriculum out there that is simpler, yet could still count for credit? Also, since this is not his (or my) passion, I don't want to spend a ton. (I had checked out PAC, but $200+ is too much for a subject we just want to get through.)

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Have you looked at TOPS science kits? They say they go to grade 12. They are hands-on and fun. We did one of the middle school ones with my son. They are not expensive and I think might meet you requirement. They habe a web-site (I goggled TOPS science), but you might be able to get them even cheaper elsewhere.



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I'll throw something out there that I've looked at for middle school, that is actually a high school level curriculum that indeed gives credits. It comes with a student text/wkbk, teacher's manual, & tests. Experiments are included. Most of the courses are around $60 for all these materials. Here is the website: www.walch.com. When you get to the home page, look for Power Basics on the left side of the screen. Click and it will take you to all the Power Basics courses. Just scroll through until you get to the science courses. Each course has downloadable samples. This is secular, so I don't know how you feel about that. These courses are definitely easier than BJU or Apologia, but perhaps it might work. If you want a Christian worldview, perhaps you could add in materials for creation/evolution debate like Evolution: The Grand Experiment.




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Thank you all! These have definitely given me some ideas/options.


Just wondering now...is there some other type of science besides Chemistry that he could take next. Maybe a marine biology or forensic science type course?


Thanks! Y'all are amazing!

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