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Piecing together Larson Precal (DVDs, textbook, solutions manual) HELP!!

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I'll tell you what little I can... I have the 2005 DVD's (4th edition), the 2001 (3rd edition) book and the 2001 (3rd edition) solution guide. I also have the 5th edition (2008) book and teacher's manual.


Concerning the DVD's: The 4th edition DVD's pretty much follow the 3rd edition book, except Ch. 7 and 8 on the DVD are combined a bit. The 4th edition DVD's completely line up with the 5th edition book. So, I would say the DVD's are probably good for 3rd, 4th, or 5th editons.


About the Solutions Manual: Many of the problems are the same in the 5th edition and the 3rd edition books, but the problem numbers are not the same (e.g., problem 53 in the 5th edition might be problem 43 in the 3rd edition). It might be a little bit troublesome (but not impossible) to correlate your solution guide with your book. I was able to buy a 3rd editon solution guide last month for $5 -- it might be worth it to have the same edition of the book and solutions guide if you can find it cheap.


I don't know if that was helpful or not...



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Thank you Martha. I was afraid their might be some problems matching things up. Taking time to "make it work" is definitely not something I am going to have this coming school yr. I spent the last 3 hrs searching some more and I think I finally found the 4th ed of everything (though I am not convinced that all of the seller descriptions are accurate!)


If they do match up, I will happily post the ISBN numbers for anyone else attempting to do the same thing so they can avoid the hours of searching that I just did! :)

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I am trying to put all the different pieces together. I found DVDs from 2004, the textbook from 2001, and a solutions manual from 2004.


Does anyone know if these will work together?


I've done something similar...


I have the 4th edition DVDs, which say 2005 on them. They're the ones available fairly recently from bookaggie for $16.32.


I have the 3rd edition textbook also, from 2001. I agree with Martha. It lines up quite well as far as I can tell from the table of contents with the 4th editions DVDs.


I also have the 3rd edition study and solutions guide, which has solutions to odd numbered problems, and has practice tests with answers.



I think mine will work pretty well, though we haven't actually used it yet.


I have one comment on what you have. I noticed that your textbook and solutions manual aren't from the same year. Both have answers to odd-numbered problems, but only the solutions manual has them worked out for you. I don't know how different the versions are, but if you need them worked out, you may want to see if you can find a solutions guide from 2001. I got mine from Amazon... less than $8 including shipping.



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