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It had to happen sooner or later.

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Thanks, Brigette, all schoolrooms need Breyers in them.


And Sleepy, your blog is cute. My sister is somewhere near you. Her girlies tried to make snowballs lately too. I think Clyde is exactly what a Southern hound should be, I'll trade you a couple of border collies for him.

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Clyde says, "Oh please don't send me out west, I hear it's cold out there!"


To be fair, though, I think we would have to trade 9 or 10 southern hounds for a couple of border collies. I think it would take that many hounds to equal the energy of 2 border collies!

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Hee hee - EVERY room in our house is a "school room" - just insert kid-with-book and voila - it becomes a schoolroom! I guess the main room would be our dining room, with a corner cupboard full of their main books and the laptop, but there's also the study with three walls of books and the basement with two more walls of books...books, books, everywhere!


I loved both of your blogs! Especially loved that schoolroom, and excuse me, but where, exactly, is the mess you refer to? Looks pretty good to me!


coming from NJ, where we fill every square foot we can afford with school-related items!

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The first part of that refers back to the post where you lost a colt who had wandered about a mile away from the herd, yet when you found him, he was still on your property. I have never gotten over that.


And, the second part should be obvious. My mom was so jealous of my horse obsession that it became a real issue between the two of us. I how would have loved a mom who kept a saddle rack in the house!

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