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Self Education ... Charlotte Yonge

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I don't know which article you are referring to but for self education, I'm considering Ambleside Online's pre year 7 and up for my needs.


I've been doing TOG along with my kids and learned a great deal from that too.


About Charlotte Yonge, I'm currently reading Ambleside's year 2 rec. The Little Duke - it's captured my attention :)

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I really loved The Heir of Redclyffe. There is a character contrast between one who had everyone's esteem, and had a naturally good temperament, vs one who had a reputation for being passionate (too quick to fly into a temper) but was working hard to control it. I have read it a couple of times, but it's been a few years now. This book is mentioned in Little Women - Jo finishes reading it and absolutely loved it.


The Daisy Chain is very much like Little Women. I think Little Women was almost a modern (at the time) retelling of the same time of story. (even down to names: the May family in Daisy Chain and the March family in Little Women) I was ready for Daisy Chain to be my favorite book when I got it - but I never could finish it. There were too many Victorian situations that I couldn't fully understand, I think. I may give this another try at some point.


Dove in the Eagle's Nest is the other one I've read. I enjoyed it a lot. It is an historical novel, during the time when the middle class is growing in the towns. A Christian young woman from the towns is summoned by her father to be a companion at the house of some nobility (robber barons). This book provides an interesting picture of social change. As the laws of the country are shifting, various characters within the book either embrace or resist the change. There is a hidden romance, and a good deal of suspense.


The Little Duke is also very good. I found the others when I started Ambleside many years ago. Being in London at the time, I had found a wonderful second hand bookstore, and when I mentioned Charlotte Yonge (who I'd never heard of before the Little Duke), the lovely old lady took me over and there were several to choose from. I wish I had bought more!


Yonge has very strong Christian themes, which may be part of why her books are no longer popular. She was very popular and well known a generation or two ago.


If you watch closely during the Sound of Music when the Von Trapp children line up for Maria, the one who comes in reading a book is reading The Little Duke.

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