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Notgrass Literature question...and more

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If we were to use Notgrass World History and American History, would we need to supplement the Literature aspect in any way? I'm wondering if Notgrass covers the basics of good lit teaching.


For those 2 years we will not be using NG, what do you recommend for a good, quality lit study?


Thanks in advance!

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I used Lightning Lit to supplement Notgrass American Lit along with the Well Educated Mind. It worked very well. You probably could use it for World History, too, though I think My Father's World has literary analysis for Notgrass World History. Not completely sure though.



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You could just stick with their literature list, but I would recommend doing a deeper study of a few of the selections. Progeny Press guides would work nicely for this though they are seriously lacking guides for Ancient lit :(


We are working through Notgrass World History over 2 years (similar to the way MFW is doing it). I decided to throw out the lit selections completely because we had already read a few and I picked up the Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Literature and really liked it. We'll finish the second half of the Notgrass course this coming year using the Greenleaf Guide to Medieval Literature. CAVEAT: There are no answer keys for this series. I either read the selections myself or read Sparks Notes so we could get the most out of our discussions.

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