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IEW Am. History without the TWSS?


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I am planning to do the same thing in the Fall. I have the U.S. History Vol. 1 materials and it appears that you really don't need the DVD's. There are Student Resource Notebook Pages that are to be downloaded from the IEW site.


Like I said, I haven't actually done this yet so I can't say for sure if it will work. There is an IEW yahoo group that may be able to provide a more thorough answer. Here's the link





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I'm a big fan of IEW, and I heartily recommend checking out the Yahoo group. It's called IEW-Families, and you should be able to find a link to it at the Excellence in Writing website.


I'm guessing the experts in that group would say that you probably should watch have some IEW experience before trying to teach straight from the American History lesson plans. I haven't actually used them, but I have used the Student Writing Intensive (Level A) and Student Intensive Continuation Course (A) -- both DVD programs in which Andrew Pudewa teaches students (and your kids) directly -- and I'll be starting the Ancient History-based lessons in August. I believe there is now an overview TWSS DVD available -- perhaps you could check that out rather than having to buy the entire TWSS.


Good luck with your decisions,



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