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Public Enemies is really good!

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DH and I went to see Public Enemies last night. From a history lover perspective, this movie is really neat. You have to pay attention to little things in their conversations (V-8 engine is new & they talk about the power!). You notice the clothing, hair styles, and entertainment.


You even notice little things like running cold water over your wrists to try to cool down your body temperature. Theaters & business had a/c... everyone else just had lots of sweat! Snotty upper class attitudes and looking down on people who are of rural or native american heritage is mentioned. You just learn much about the culture... as you learn about the history of the bank robbers.


The FBI & Gangster history was pretty accurate also. Hoover didn't look so good... but I personally don't think he should be portrayed as a good guy. Some of the cops were tough, but not criminal. Some agents crossed the line & should have been fired on the spot. Some were compassionate.


When we got home, we read about this era. The FBI was inserting itself into areas that they had NO jurisdiction, Hoover used the media to destroy his opponents in Washington.... bank robbers were becoming out of style (gambling & bookies were new thing). You see much of this in the movie, but it can be subtle in places.


Anyway, it was a great thinking kind of movie... not just shoot 'em up & flee with the money bag. And Johnny Depp even cries and has some heated lustful scenes (for the eye candy crowd!)... he is "just purty". haha

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Yes, the history in it is very well done, including what it was like in Indiana, Wisconsin, etc. at that time (still is, in some places, even today). I can't say that I didn't like it, exactly, but movies like this just depress me so much. I hate to see hopeless lives, hopelessly thrown away....

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Stephen Lang (from gettysburg & Gods and Generals) is in it too. He is a good looking man for the 50s age character. Plus, he is just a great actor - very intense. Another piece of eye candy (although they do not use him enough) is David Wendham (Faramir in Lord of the Rings).


Marion Cotillard was beautiful. Much different character than when she appeared with Russell Crowe in "A Good Year". Lucky gal... Crowe & Depp... Whew.... she will have great stories for her grandchildren.


And don't forget CLARK GABLE is in it too. Very nice!


I bet Bale fans will love it too. I liked him better in 3:10 to Yuma.... but that is more about character & not him. He is a pretty good guy in this movie. He doesn't have personality like Depp b/c his character is serious & focused... a very intense man searching for criminals. Depp plays a character that the public actually likes & he is always cool & uses humor. Bale... Eye candy... yep!

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