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For the MEP curious, a Primer


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Hello, Hive! Happy 4th of July!!!


I am currently using MEP with my dc, and we all love it. It works well for us. I've seen several posts curious and asking about this program. The MEP homeschoolers Yahoo group recently posted a link to a blog from a MEP-mom who did a fantastic job of writing up and introduction to this math program.


Here it is, in case you are curious...




FROM THE BLOG, for those of you who are wondering what MEP is....


"What is MEP anyway?


MEP stands for the Mathematics Enhancement Programme. It is a maths curriculum developed by the CIMT - Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom. It is currently undergoing trial in British schools.


MEP is free for non-profit use and while not specifically designed for home schoolers, the programme works well with a little modification for a 1-on-1 teaching style.


You'll find the programme at their website:



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You are most welcome! I agree. That was a really nice thing for her to do.


I was skeptical at first. After all, it involved NO MONEY. How could it be any good? ha, ha, ha!! But I figured, all I had to lose was a few sheets of paper, some ink, and a few hours spent teaching. If the kids hated it, then that would be it! No books to return, no phone calls to customer service, no re-packaging, no explanations. Well.... we're still printing practice books. We use MEP exclusively.


Happy printing!!!

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Thanks-I didn't know previously about the placement test, and I read about it on this blog and it helped me a lot! Turns out my suspicions were right-ds6 was bored with MEP1 because it was too easy, and I'll go with MEP2 in the fall (in conjunction with Singapore.)


I think that post will be a big help for those starting out-wish I'd had it before I had to figure it all out on my own!

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