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Do you think these would work for workboxes?


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I actually have something similar but had a problem with the shelves. They can be unstable and mine tended to collapse if they held unequally weighted items. Be sure to look at the average height of the section too because on mine they fit approx a ream of paper so notebooks and thick texts might be too big if you plan to use all 15 slots. If you don't need all 15 then you would have more room. On mine, the shelves sit on pegs but if they slide in on a groove it would be much better and you could avoid the tipping problem that I have with unequally weighted items. Mine kept collapsing so I have this now:


I never really did the workbox system. I just separate their subject areas into each drawer and they pull from the drawer. 2 girls = 6 drawers. Drawers: Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Language, Misc.

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