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how do I get a website name? domain name?

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Yeah, it's different, although some companies will buy the domain for you.


Typically you purchase your domain. Godaddy is good, just ignore all the spammy stuff:



Then, find a hosting company. If you want your blog to point to your domain name, you can do that. Gotta go, I can answer more questions if you need later! (I was a web programmer and buy domain names all the time.)

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You can do it several ways. I use a web hosting company that does domain names as well; I like the all-in-one aspect. If you get a web/domain name first and aren't ready to do anything with it yet, you "park" it through the service or hosting company if you have one to save it until you get your webpage up.


We use totalchoicehosting.com and lunarpages.com and both have been good for us for over 5 years.

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What is your purpose? Did you want a blog using your own domain name? If so, I can give a few blog hosting companies that will do it all that I've used, you can even order your domain name at the same time. Same if you want a forum. Another thing to keep in mind is that some web applications may be written in a certain language (php or .net) and thus, might need a certain server.

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