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Yes Jean, if the student does all of level 8 *(first book is optional as it's geometry) and level 9, they'll have Algebra I and II.


We REALLY like it. It has been great for my son. Only bad thing is that they don't have geometry and preCalc. They won't either, unfortunately.


It's good because it has the videos. And he walks the students through the math and reasoning. And the practice isn't overkill. And for a video program, the price is awesome too! Of course, you do have printing costs so that is a consideration.

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We've used the entire program except the last 2 modules of "Advancing in Algebra, as they are considered Alg 2. We're having to use MUS for Geometry. Systematic Mathematics actually covers forms in module 8 (the basis for geometry), but they do not have a "formal" geometry program.


We will start Alg 2 this fall, and my only concern (and I mean only) is that MUS has some other stuff in their Alg 2 (I'm not sure it even belongs in Alg 2, I think it is Trig stuff), so for me to go from SM Alg 2 to MUS pre-calc, I will probably have to get ahold of a MUS Alg 2 teacher's manual. I hate that the different programs don't follow the same "parameters"!


SM has been the single best thing that has happened to my kid in math. He never "got it" until SM. Paul, the teacher, is a very gentle soul (I actually talked to him, before he got ill), and has a great way of explaining things at a kid level w/o sounding patronizing. I also love that he sometimes screws up problems (the kids in the class inevitably point it out) - I think that shows DS that everyone sometimes loses their way when writing out problems. It makes him feel more confident about simply trying when he's not so sure.






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Our plan is for ds to take the THEA test and take College Algebra on at the local college. The man who does ALL the maths there is absolutely wonderful and I definitely want my ds there for his upper maths. How does a small town comm. college even get a professor like him?


I don't know what we'd do if we weren't planning on using the community college.

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Would you recommend Systematic Mathematics for a kid who is not struggling with math and who plans on a math/science field?


Yes, actually.


Kiddo was far ahead in math, then we moved. A year in a bad public school knocked his confidence. Then, when I started HSing, I had him use ALEKS. He had 100% across the board, but retained nothing.


Once we started Systematic Mathematics, everything zoomed right back. Paul does an excellent job of explaining why things work the way they do, and what the applications are for the different aspects of mathematics. Because of this, I feel his program gives kids the ability to think of math as the tool that it is, rather than "I have to memorize this to get through school".


Kiddo intends to go into Physics, FWIW.




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