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Juicing or V8 vegetabe/fruit juice

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I would think it would be healthier because you could control the amount of sodium. I have a juicer and a VitaMix; I use the VitaMix to make vegetable drinks during the summer when the garden is producing and add little to no salt to them, just lemon juice. So for us it's much, much cheaper since we grow the vegetables.



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We buy the V8 fruit/veggie juices too, because some of the fruits in there are just not available around here. Variety is good, so we stick to that. Of course I am a bit lazy too and would probably only make juice once a week or less, but if I buy the V8 juices the kids can drink some daily.

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I do not have a juicer. Right now we buy V8 juices. Is using a juicer easier, cheaper, and more nutritious?




Helen in OH


Cheaper and more nutritious, yes. Easier, no. But then again, I have a cheap-o juicer a friend gave me, very small, have to chop up all the veggies in almost minuscule pieces to fit, and cleanup is a pain (cuz I'm lazy). But the results are great!

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My parents gave us a juicer last fall. I'm not sure how much it cost, but it's a common brand so probably would rate as a low-end one. It's a royal pain to clean, so I've used it only once.


Other downsides for me: When you make fresh juice, you have to drink it right away or at least that day. It won't keep long in the fridge. It also takes a lot of fruit to make a little bit of juice.


It's definitely more nutritious if you have the time to do it, though.

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One pound of carrots will juice into 8 oz juice. The cost of the produce alone makes using a juicer much more expensive. Healthier? Absolutely. Tastier? Absolutely. Easier? Nope. Cheaper? Not unless you grow your own produce and lots of it.


Having said all that - I do love carrot/apple juice. Which I could make more of it.

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