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Spanish: a solid high school program for a complete novice.

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I've always sort of planned on using SOS (largely because of Jean in Wisc. posts, also because I like the audio/visual component of computer programs). We've also looked at Rosetta Stone and thought that was great. Pricey, but great.


That's it -- I've not looked, or researched, or made lists -- and I sort of last minute decided we need to do Spanish this year and we start school on July 20th. :001_huh: I have searched the forums and tried to read up, and SOS and RS do seem to be the programs I hear about most often.


So, what are your suggestions? I do want something that is credit-worthy, but I imagine dd may well have opportunity to continue at CC (though I can't count on it, as Spanish is a very, very popular course that fills quickly around here). I'd like at least a two year program, but something that offers three years (or a very comprehensive program that would be worthy of three credits) would be just fine.


My personal priority is for dd to be able to converse in Spanish (as opposed to learning spelling and grammar) but I need to be sure she's covering what she needs in spelling and grammar, lest she miss something important that she will need for future classes at the college level.


Thanks, I look forward to your advice. :bigear:

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You might also look at Visual Link Spanish. Here's a recent thread where people were discussing both SOS & Visual Link:







I'll second the reccomendation for Visual Link. We have had a lot of success with it. I like computer programs because the kids are hearing Spanish every day, my older two dc prefer Visual Link over Rosetta Stone because they don't have to guess at the meaning of each word. I also bought The Ultimate Guide to Spanish as a reference since Visual Link is on the computer.




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