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Laura, how did your meeting with your MP go?

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I just noticed your post from yesterday. I, too, thought that increased regulation for homeschoolers was inevitable and not a bad thing if it's done correctly. I am nervous that it will snowball and everyone will be forced to follow the NC or something. I'd love to hear how your meeting went.

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Okay, I think. We mostly talked about the situation in Scotland, which the Badman report does not actually cover. As responsibility for education here is devolved to the Scottish Parliament, the MP is contacting the relevant official in Edinburgh to see if anything will change here. When he comes back to me about that, I will ask him to keep an eye on the situation in England too, but he's in a strange position: a Scottish MP at Westminster having an opinion on an issue which affects only England and Wales. Devolution has definitely created some anomalies.


To be honest, I didn't quiz him too closely on is own opinions on HE; I was keener to create a good impression in this first meeting. He has a reputation for being in favour of small government, in UK terms. I left a list of recommendations with him.


On a personal level, the meeting went very well. The MP learned Latin and Greek at school; he and Calvin got into a discussion of who was the greatest hero in the Iliad, with Calvin choosing Hector. Meanwhile, the MP mentioned the opening lines of the Aeneid, and I was able to add that this was the source of Shaw's title for his play, 'Arms and the Man'. His eyes lit up at sharing gobbets of classical reference. At the end he said, 'Well, you two boys are clearly very well educated.'



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Good for you and your sons, Laura! Sounds like you made a wonderful impression. I've been following the UK situation a bit. I think making a positive impression upon officials will do far more for the cause than the screeching and whinging they usually hear from the average constituent.

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