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?? Rod & Staff Pre-K

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My dd who will be 4 in October is just about done with all 3 of the Before the Code books. I was planning on using the Rod & Staff Pre-K books for her this fall, but would these be too boring/easy for her since she already knows all the letters and their sounds?


If they would be, are there any other suggestions that are pocketbook friendly? :)

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These books are not about phonics. They have cut and paste, matching, numbers, etc. They are very fun and encourage a wide range of skills. They are excellent. You can seen samples here:




My 4 yo loves them!


Now if you are talking about the About 3 set of books your child may be just above them, but could still benefit some. We are just now finishing up About 3 set and my dd is just now turning 4.



Not sure what you are referring to by pocket friendly.

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I'm in the same place for this summer. Dd 4 has finished the 3 books before Explode the Code, has already done all the Rod & Staff books once through. I bought a new set for her to do again. But, wondering what else is good at that stage before blending takes place. I started her on Explode the Code 1, but I'm having her do just 2 pages at a time instead of 4. Other than that, I don't have any ideas. Come fall we are doing K12, Kindergarten.



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My ds3 (will be 4 in September) just started using the R&S pre-k books. He loves them!!! They really are about cutting, pasting, colors, shapes, numbers, etc. I don't think they are boring at all.


I think any preschooler would enjoy them, but I do suggest that you look into some samples.


The books advance in difficulty (there are 7 in all). Here is a basic of what they cover.


Adventures with Books: colors and shapes

Bible Pictures to Color: this accompanies a storybook (that comes in the set) and the pictures are very cute.

Counting with Numbers: numbers 1-10

Do it Carefully: writing letter and hearing sounds

Everywhere We Go: Review of all concepts learned

Finding the Answers: Thinking skills

Going On Eagerly: Geographical awareness


Even though there might be a repetition in terms of the letters and their sounds, kids still like the books and it doesn't hurt to reinforce.




Liz in NC

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The R&S books are fantastic! Some other good workbooks for that age are the Kumon workbooks. In particular they have a book of jigsaw puzzles(cut out pieces and paste them correctly to make a picture) and color by number.

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Should a child be close to 4 before starting the workbooks? Would a "young 3" be much too young? Also, how many weeks/months does it take to get through one workbook? :bigear:


In my experience (others may differ) young 3 is a bit to immature for the Preschool set that is referred to in this thread. Now the About 3 set would be good for that age. We just do a page or 3 as we feel the desire so it could take a few months or a few days to go through a book. There are 32 pages per wkbk. Here are the About Three wkbk samples:



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