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i fired my sons and my former daycare kid today......

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For those who don't know, we manage a Fireworks Stand 2X a year for income.


My kids, and my surrogate daycare child in question have helped each season as their maturity allows. The boys in question are 14, 14 and 10.


We got to the stand at 4:00. This season our homeless friend is assisting so we've had less all day responsibilty. My dd goes inside the stand to see about stocking and wait for customers.


The boys? Take off on their skateboards, go to the grocery store, buy energy drinks and disappear without a phone between them.


I tracked them down as they were entering Target. Brought them back to the Fireworks Stand. Told them they were fired and that the only reason I wasn't taking them home was because rush hour prevented me from doing so and getting to my other work.


DH and I walked to a fast food place to grab a minute together before we were apart all night due to competing work.


15 minutes later, 3 pairs of cute man-boy eyes appear at the window. The come in, asking for their jobs back. "We'll work hard this time Mom (Miss Joanne)".


I asked them if the fast food worker comes to work and skateboards. Or my daycare kids' mom leaves to get her hair done...


They said they understood. They asked if they could be re-hiredzm. I told them they'd have to check with our Human Resource Department to see if their file has been stamped with "no rehire".


One of them asked "Do we have one of those??". LOL


So, I pointed to DH and left for work.

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