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There are a couple of different ways. One is using the ASCI code, by pressing the ALT code key and then a combination of number keys to get the special character. If you do a google search you will get the specific combinations.


Another way of acheaving the special characters is by having a Spanish keyboard setup. I am pasting the instructions I found on a website:


The best option is to install a Spanish Keyboard in Windows. This will allow you to use accent marks in ANY program on the computer, including the desktop, file names, graphics and word processing. The layout on a Spanish Keyboard is different (that is, many symbols are in different places than they are on the English Keyboard).


– To install the Spanish Keyboard on Windows XP, click first on "Start" then "Settings" and then "Control Panel."


– Once there click on "Regional and Language Options" (If you are in an older version of windows, click on "Keyboard" in the "Control Panel").


– Now select the "Languages" tab at the top of the new window. The large white box contains a list of the languages and keyboards you have installed.


– To add a Spanish keyboard, click on "ADD".


– There is a long list of Spanish spell-checkers available. Any one will do, but I suggest "Spanish (International Sort)" which will alphabetize lists the correct (modern) way. The program will automatically select the "Spanish Variation" keyboard.


– Click "OK" to exit the control panel.


Now (perhaps after you restart your computer) you will see a gray square in your system tray (the lower right row of icons on the task bar at the bottom of your screen in Windows). Clicking on this gray square (or using the Ctrl and Shift keys at the same time) will give you the option of toggling back and forth between any keyboards you have installed.


NOTA BENE: If you install a non-English keyboard the letters on your actual keyboard (the hardware) will not necessarily indicate what letter is actually typed.


To type an accent mark on a Spanish Keyboard, hit the apostrophe followed by the vowel over which you want the mark. The "ñ" is the colon key; "Ñ" is a capital colon. Question marks ("¿" and "?") are the "+" and "_" symbols respectively. The upside down exclamation is the "=" key.


I hope this helps.

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