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Found a helpful accessory for my KitchenAid mixer

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For Christmas, my mom got me a Beater Blade for my KitchenAid mixer. I LOVE the thing! I don't need to use a rubber spatula at all to scrape the sides of the bowl--even if I'm making chocolate chip cookies. :)


Also, I stupidly tried to mix a couple of whole sticks of frozen butter. That works fine with the metal blade, but it was too much stress on the plastic & the blade broke. BeaterBlade has a one year guarantee so I sent them an e-mail. They replied immediately (on a Friday night!) & just had me send the e-receipt. They sent me a new blade Monday via 2 day UPS. I am so impressed with their quick c/s!!

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Didn't your mixer come with one of these? I have two Kitchen Aid machines and they both came with one. They are wonderful.

These are different--they have a rubber edge that scrapes the side of the bowl.


Looks good--I've added it to my wishlist!


Now the attachment I'm not really thrilled with is the dough hook. Before I got my Kitchen Aid, I had a Sunbeam stand mixer. It didn't have a single hook/blade/wisk--it had 2 of everything, like a hand mixer has. I liked the way the dough hooks worked together. Unfortunately, it just wasn't strong enough to actually handle dough for very long, and now it's only good for loose batters, like cake batter, quick breads, etc...


So I have a Kitchen Aid now, but my dough climbs up the dough hook. I think the instruction book says to oil the hook, but that doesn't last long--just until it incorporates the oil into the dough, and then it climbs back up--usually up over the top of the hook attachment. Does anyone have any ideas?

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