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building thinking skills for 1st grade and k?

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forgive my ignorance on this issue:

is it wise (according to WTM) to start kids on something like the Critical Thinking Co offers for early grammar, such as building thinking skills?

i personally love workbooks and would do them all day as a kid when my mom let me . . . and i'd like to have something on hand like this that is independent work for the most part for my 6 and 4.5 yo. but is it ill-advised (putting cart before horse) to do a "logic" exercise like this, or is that unrelated to the logic stage proper, and therefore ok to put on the ocket for 1st grade???? my 4.5yo would use it whenever it was convenient for me, and less as a "curriculum" on a regular basis.


thanks for helping me debunk. i noticed that easyclassical involves Building Thinking Sills {BTS} on their schedule for 1st grade. ... that's what prompted me to ask, even though we're not using their schedule.

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I just found the Beginning Mind Benders book for $1 so thought I'd try it with 4.5yo dd. She's loving it. It's all "grid" puzzles, and she understood the concept pretty quickly, plus it's good reading practice - each has two clues with fairly simple words. I think it's more just good practice for orderly thinking, figuring out how the clues help you, not necessarily formal "logic" thinking. IMO, there's no way it can hurt, so we'll stick with it as long as she's enjoying it.

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I just took a look at Easy Classical's sample lesson plans it seems that they don't schedule BTS 1 until second grade... Second Grade Sample Sheets


I'm using Developing the Early Learner series with my ds (turns 5 in July). He completed books 1 & 2 in K4 and we'll continue with 3 & 4 during our K5 year (come September).




ETA: Thanks for the idea of BTS in the future!

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My kids do BTS Primary level for K and 1st grade, BTS 1 for 2nd and 3rd, and BTS 2 for 4th and 5th. I haven't decided about the level 3 books yet. I have another year until we reach that point. We also use other Critical Thinking products (MindBenders, DooRiddles, and Visual Perceptual Skill Building). For the kids, its something fun and easy for school. For me, I think they are very helpful in areas like problem solving, standardized testing, etc. It certainly won't do any harm to start them at the early grammar stages. HTH

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