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Benign Focal Epilepsy

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My son just had an abnormal EEG and they think it is BFE. Anyone with experience with this? He has shown signs of dyslexia and ADD - also some gifted areas. I was worried he was having petit mal seizures due to daydreaming, staring off, etc. Anyway, it seems that their can be cognitive ramifications even though it is "benign". In particular, these kids are more likely to have learning issues or behavioral problems. He is currently getting more thorough educational testing with a fantastic tester. She is including clinical date as to which areas of the brain he is having trouble with. Finally found someone who can put the whole picture together.

Would appreciate any comments from anyone with experience with this.



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I know very little (OK, just about nothing) about BFE but my girls have seizures. They have complex-partial seizures and one has drop seizures as well as migra-seizures as well.


Both are doing well on medication. For my 12dd with 3 types of seizures, Lamictal is covering them all. For my 13dd with only 1 type (at least that we have figured out) she needs Tegretol and Lamictal.


I would find a TOP NOTCH pediatric neurologist and go from there.



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So sorry about your son's EEG. My daughter has struggled with refractory absence but found control eventually, thanks to our finding the right ped. neuro to help. My most valuable source of information has been other parents. Go to efa.org (epilepsy foundation) and look for 'Parents Helping Parents' under the ecommunities listing. Other parents have helped my family a great deal over the years. Hang in there. You're not alone. You will find the right solution for your son. Best wishes.

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