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Is there something better than God's Design for the Physical World?

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I'm getting ready to place my Rainbow order and am planning on getting God's Design for Physical World, just the Machines and Motion and the Inventions and Technology. We are studying American History from Civil War to present day and thought it might tie in well.


I just want an easy, fun year in science with some cool, interesting projects for my boys.


Is God's Design the ticket?




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C'mon, please! I've got my Rainbow order ready to click, but something just keeps stopping me on this. Honestly, it looks dry and dull. If you've used Machines and Motion or Inventions and Technology, were the experiments good? Will we have fun and learn?


What about Easy Classical Science schedules? Or Sonlight?


I just want something to tie into the 1900s-now with fun experiments.




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I just bought this at a conference last week. I was not really looking for a science curriculum, but saw this and was very impressed. I am using it with a 6th and 7th grader. Two of my friends bought this also. Lessons look short and very doable with hands on activities that look fun and doable. I especially loved the look of Inventions and Technology. Hope this helps.

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If you are ok with Secular texts you could consider Science Explorer. I think the God's Design text are pretty good through. To the point I am going to buy the whole series.


SL is difficult because they don't stick to one topic a year...nor do they touch on all 4 topics every year. It always gives me a headache trying to figure out what the strategy to their science it. :blink: Obviously that is more of an adult problem than a kids learning problem. ;)


The Easy Classical Stuff also looks good. I have a friend who used it and liked it. I have looked at it more than once, but the simpler something is the more likely it is to get done and the God's Design books are simple to schedule and use. Another possibility is Noeo science. I hear good things about it too.




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