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What's on your Netflix queue?

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I had this problem not too long ago. Mine is pretty eclectic. Right now I have:


Full Circle with Michael Palin

a John Wayne Movie

St Elsewhere season 1 disk 1

House season 3 disk 1

The Practice season 1 disk 1

The Art of Soap Making

Great Weekends with Sandra Brown

Windsor Castle


Like I said, a rather eclectic mix.

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Right now we have "Signs Out of Time: Marija Gimbutas".


In queue:

Seven Pounds

WKRP in Cincinnati


Snow Angels

Little Children

Notes on a Scandal

Indiana Jones / Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Swing Vote

The Dark Knight...


I think my husband has been hacking the queue in an effort to balance the chick selections. :001_huh:

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Anne of Green Gables and the first sequel is at home right now.


Next up...


Brother Bear 2

Stomp Out Loud

In Debt We Trust

Fly Me to the Moon

Fiddler on the Roof

The Pursuit of Happyness

Slumdog Millionaire

Madagascar 2

John Adams miniseries....

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