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Please help me feel better about where we are schoolwise?

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My 10yod and 8yos had some successes in last school year (4th and 2nd grades). This summer, I had planned on them finishing some workbooks that we didn't complete this year. But, my special needs 10yo didn't like his day camp and wants to stay home every day all summer. We won't get any schoolwork done now!! Big change of plans...


My 8yo son will just have to be a year behind in spelling bc CLP is somewhat advanced. He was slow to take off reading anyway. There is no way he could cram it all in without my help. It wouldn't be beneficial to him anyway. They will both stay a year behind in CLP Bible also. We have incomplete notebooks and projects for history and science.


I'm making quarter plans for next year so this doesn't happen again - we can't have anything to do in the summer. I feel like I wanted my two normal children to be accelerated and now we are beginning to fall behind. That it will be a downward spiral from here. Any thoughts? I'm really discouraged, and I feel totally overwhelmed.

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It sounds like you have your hands full this summer. I'd toss the workbooks and let them read and read and read as much as they can. Let your daughter finish The Secret Garder and toss the guide, just discuss with her when she is done, then take a trip to the library and pick out a classic, maybe something else by Burnett. Let her read that and then discuss it with you.


I'd do the same thing for your son, take him to the library and make sure he gets some good literature and then let him read and discuss.


Relax and enjoy the summer and then when your older two go back to school, you will all be ready to dive in.

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Yup. And I consciously remind myself that this is homeschool. We are not ahead or behind, just where we are, and that's fine because it is about learning the material thoroughly, not keeping to a preconceived, standardized schedule.

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News alert: Public school kids don't finish all their books, either. And they go on to the next year with little problem.



Very true. That is why there is review built into the beginning of books. I often either skip it at the end of the book or at the beginning of the new one to avoid redundancy.

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I agree with the pp who said to toss the guides. Just enjoy the time together as best you can.

I would discuss the rest of Secret Garden, tho--but ditch the spelling. And I can highly recommend another Burnett book, A Little Princess. It's more accessible than SG (which is a fav of mine) so I'm sure your dd could read it on her own--maybe you could discuss it at bedtime or thru a "pillow journal," where you leave each other notes. YOu could even finish SG this way. I can imagine you writing one question in a conversational/letter format to her and having her respond.

I think it's extra-important for families with special need kids to make sure the other kids feel they get enough attention. A pillow journal can help with that.

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