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Detoxing off sugar?

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How long does this last? I quit sugar on Thurs. Yesterday I felt like someone had run me over with spikes! Today is not any better. So, how much longer??


I have been off sugar, salt, wheat, and dairy for 11 days. :001_smile:


Unfortunately, for me this also eliminates caffeine. I can't drink coffee without creamer or tea without sugar. Diet colas are out due to salt content. The first two days I tried to drink coffee with a pack of Splenda. blech. The third day I had a massive headache, but after an Excedrin migraine allowed me to intake some caffeine I felt much better. Since then, I have been fine.


I have had a couple of slips. One night I had a little salad dressing at a restaurant that probably contained all 4. oops, I just wasn't thinking. :o On Saturday night I had Mexican food that definitely contained salt. It just can't be avoided at a Mexican restaurant, but I also had 3 glasses of water so I rationalized that it was alright.


Anyway, I would say that the first three days were the hardest.


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