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A friend from 30 years ago just called me!

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I could not believe it! She is a Japanese woman who is a missionary in S. Korea. I knew her when I was a teen. She told me that she called my dad and got my telephone number. I was so surprised to hear from her. We had a nice talk in cobbled together English and Japanese (my language skills have slipped a bit but it improved even as we talked). It was so encouraging to talk to her since I've had a not so nice day. I had to tell someone about it! (It's after midnight where my dad is so I can't talk to him about it).

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Isn't it nice to know that you made enough of a positive impact on someone's life that, after all these years, she thinks well of you?


Several years ago, I tracked down a teacher I'd had in college 20 years before and e-mailed him about how much I'd learned in his class that I still use today. He was so flattered and reported that his wife said he should frame my e-mail. I was happy to have made his day that I started trying to think of other teachers who'd had that same impact. Couldn't think of any. :glare:



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