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I just gotta say that Charleston, S.C. is The Bomb!

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Four girlfriends and I spent a week in the Litchfield Beach/Pawley's Island area and that in and of itself was fantastic. We drove to Charleston on two separate days and were totally blown away. I want to live there. We're planning on going back next year and maybe staying in the Isle of Palms area. My only regret was that I didn't get a sweetgrass basket. I'm heading back at the end of July for a couple of days while my Scouting boys spend the weekend on the Yorktown. I can't wait!!


I'd like to give a big shout-out to Bubba, our guide on the Charms of Charleston mini bus tour. It took a bit to convince him that in KY, we pronounce it "Versales", not "Versigh".

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I'm sitting in my dining room surrounded by the paintings I purchased in Charleston 20 years ago. I too LOVE Charleston--and South Carolina in general. I didn't live in Charleston, though. I lived north of Pawley's Island in Surfside Beach (south of Myrtle Beach). I even survived Hurricane Hugo!


I'd love to get back there someday. The people there really were the nicest of any place I've lived.


Glad you had a good trip!



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I agree. I lived in the Charleston area some when I was a kid (& still have friends who live in the Charleston area). When I was in college, my parents bought a beach house there. My sis went to Charleston to go to college herself & has never left -- she loves it so much that she will never leave.


Fortunately, we're w/in driving distance (and have the freedom of scheduling that hsing allows), and I bring the kids to Charleston quite a few times a year to spend time at my parents' beach house & to see my sister.


In fact, the kids & I are in Charleston right now & have just spent 2 very fun (and hot) days joining in the HarborFest/Tall Ships activities.


Yes, Charleston is awesome. If I ever had a few million dollars laying around (:lol:), I'd buy an amazing home in downtown Charleston.

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I agree with PP....DH and I did move there, when we were younger, no children, just out of college, care-free. We decided to live there after stopping at the visitor's center to use the bathroom on a trip up the East Coast. Two months later, we did just that, and a year later, got married at Folly Beach.


It definately has it's good points, but after eight years, marriage, three children, we were DEFINATELY seeing it's bad points. I won't burst yoru bubble by listing them here :). Although, now that we have moved to Florida, I do miss Charleston just a wee bit. Not enough I would move back, though.


I usually want to live everywhere I go on vacation....guess that's the point of vacation, though...to love where you are at the moment.:lol:

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