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Theory of Evolution -- do you avoid teaching it?

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Do you intend to be so judgemental and provocative, or is that unavoidable for you? I'll have to try really hard (because of Greta's good example) to be civil.


After discussions with many a creationist I have found that it takes as much if not more reasoning and brain power to puzzle out the intricacies of the apologetics surrounding this issue than it would to just learn the actual science. However, what I'm intrigued by is the concept of "defending" ones faith.


Shouldn't there be a harmony between scripture and what science discovers so that there wouldn't be these giant gulfs between what is and what is written? As we go about examining the physical world shouldn't we be finding evidence that supports scripture without having to prepare to "defend" ones faith?


Seems to me that the very act of having to defend your faith is admitting that your faith is lacking in some way. Otherwise why would it need defending? I would suggest that what people are really saying is that they are defending their particular interpretation of the faith. I think those few words keep getting lost in ones fervor to be a member of the one and only true faith. Oh, excuse me, True Faith®. ;)


Not logical. Sometimes something does need to be defended even when it is not lacking at all, the Constitution, for example. Often times the more "right" something is, the more it it needs to be defended. Strange paradox.


Also, you are doing exactly what my other post cautioned against, which is why I get ruffled. You are suggesting that because there is not a perfect consensus between people of belief, that necessarily means the entire belief system is wrong. Many people believe in God; just because they do not all agree on the nature of God does not prove He does not exist. You will have to find another argument.


May I ask, how can that ever happen? By their very nature they are two completely different animals. Reason demands evidence. Faith demands no evidence. How do you reconcile the two without subverting one?


We read a lot. More than just Dawkins and science journals. For nearly 2 centuries the two ideas have coexisted and been more fruitful than any other time in history (Actually, reason and faith have coexisted much longer than that, but I am referring to the point in time that reason as given to us by the Greeks and faith as given to us by the Hebrews came together in a much more defined manner.). They are in peril now, and in many ways science is at risk even more than faith (after all, our brains are hard wired for religious belief, so it will likely continue in some form. Will science?). We have good company in this belief that different animals can coexist. Sorry we can't count you among them.


I could go into a lot about this, unlike evolution specifically, it is up my alley, but it is a huge subject. I get the feeling you know that but that you would rather just take pot-shots and try to undermine people of faith because it suits you. (This is where I may well be making unfair assumptions, but you should know that your posts come off this way.)


On the other hand, maybe you really have had no exposure to people of faith that come from a very intellectual/scientific POV. I am sure that happens a lot.

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