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Kid Friendly Tour Ideas for IL & IN

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We're taking a trip from Cincinnati, OH to Rockford, IL. A trip we've taken many times. But we'd like to do something a little different. We're looking for a couple of kid friendly tours (maybe factory tours?) or other places to visit cheaply for just a couple hours.


Some of the bigger towns we'll be going through are Indianapolis, IN; Champaign, IL; Bloomington-Normal, IL; and ending in Rockford, IL.


My boys are 6 & 3.



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Don't know the ages of your kids but in Bloomington-Normal there is the Challenger Learning Center (about the space shuttle Challenger) for something different to do.


I have never been but it looks interesting.


Not sure other than children's museums to go to. As for factory tours, can't help you. Sorry.

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The Children's Museum in Indy is wonderful.


I've also been on a tour of the Indy 500 race track, but if you aren't interested in cars or racing it might be boring for little kids.


I can't remember where Conner Praire Village is located. I thought it was somewhere around Indy. Basically a historical village.


Dayton has some interest stuff with the Wright Bros house etc

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You must stop at the HUGE Fair Oaks Dairy farm on your way!! It is between Lafayette and Chicago on Interstate 65. It is WONDERFUL!!!

Here is the link ...http://www.fofarms.com/


Stay long enough (an hour or so) and you will see a calf being born. No kidding.


It was really incredible and my boys absolutely loved it! They still talk about the dairy-go-round and the homemade ice cream and cheese. YUM! ;) It was one of their favorite field trips ever. Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs had been there just a couple of days before we were. The boys were so excited to see that episode when it aired a few weeks later on Discovery Channel.


*I just noticed that it seems from your post you may not be going north on I-65. Maybe the way home you could change your route to enjoy this great place. :)

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We live close to Rockford, IL. They have a nice museum there also called Burpee Museum, and they have all sorts of hands on stuff for the kids to do.


Also not far away in IL is the train museum which is supposed to be nice. Also over the border into Wisconsin there are alot of stuff to do. Up near Racine, is the Jelly Belly Factory which you can tour for free.

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The Indy 500 Museum is good for car fans and costs $3/adult. You can take a ride around the track, but I don't remember the cost.


The Indianapolis Children's museum is good for all ages. There is also the State History Museum, which includes geology, natural history and modern history. The zoo is nearby.


Connor Prairie is located on the northeast side of Indy in Fishers and spans from the early 1800's to about 1875. They also have a new hot air balloon (1857?)which I believe will be taking passengers up soon. They were testing it when we were there in May.

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Connor Prairie is terrific! And Dayton is home of the USAF Museum - one of the best aeronautical museums in the world (and free).


There are numerous good caves in southern Indiana, including: Wyandotte, Squire Boone, and Marengo.


Falls of the Ohio, on the river between Louisville and Clarksville, IN, is a terrific place to view fossil beds.

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