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Raw Milk Bill

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In Texas, raw milk can be sold directly to the consumer by the producer, if the dairy is "certified 'Grade A Raw for Retail' ". May not be sold in stores.


I hope that any national law would require uniform and rigorous certification standards. Something along the lines of the more rigorous third-party certifications by organic food organizations.

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Thanks for the link, I just sent a message to my congressman! The nearest source of raw milk for us is about an hour's drive, since in NM you can only buy raw milk directly from the farm. :sad:


I've though about getting our own mini-Jersey -- is your Blossom a mini?



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I just read the "synopsis", and have a question. Will the bill specify which animals are covered? Most people seem to think only of cows; however, I have a good friend who has her own milk goats. Other people want sheep raw milk for cheese.


Thanks ! (I'm reading this thread only for sake of my friend with the goats, who does not use this message board.)

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