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BK English Language Handbook?

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We used it for 6th, and have it again for 7th grade English. I like it, and even my Abeka-loving mother likes it.


We had used Exercises in English, and Abeka in prior years -- but last year is the FIRST year the grammar seemed to "stick" with my son. Of course, some of this I attribute to my son, and not the curriculum.


The exercises are educational in two ways (not a bunch of random sentences, but carefully crafted to provide NEW information to the student, a story about Clara Barton, and information about how surnames developed over time were in the first two exercises yesterday). So the child is gaining information and proper use of grammar/grammar reinforcement.


The only downside is that it is not a workbook. Workbooks tend to go over a bit better better with my children, but it hasn't been too onerous. There are plenty of exercises (geared to a public school, so don't feel you need to do everything), with writing applications (we haven't used those much).


All-in-all I'm giving it a "thumbs up."

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