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Lial's Basic Math for remediation?


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Would this work for a child who needs remedial basic math? I am looking for my 13yr old who needs to start over at place value and work through pre-algebra/8th grade math in a 2yr time span. Our math learning has been too spotty. We have worked on individual areas but are getting no where. We just need a clean slate.


We need very clear step-by-step explanations and examples with some review of previous topics to prevent 'file and forget'.


Where do I find samples and order? Are there different editions? Which one should I look for?


I have Life of Fred Fractions and Decimals but it made no sense to him or me.


Thank you for your time.

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Look for a copy at Amazon.com or Half.com 6th or 7th edition.


Margaret Lial is the main author. It is a HUGE paperbacked text. All the answers you need are in the back.


Look for an inexpensive copy that does NOT have writing in it-... as this text can also be used as a workbook for MOST problem sets!


I've used this with my oldest daughter in 9th grade--and I've used it with several of the students I tutor. I really like the text.


Feel free to pm or e-mail me if you have any more questions. I will not be home for a few more days (I'm out of state making a wedding cake for a niece) but I'll be back on Tuesday and I can get you the isbns if you need them.


Expect to pay around $10 for the text.


BCM is a text used in community colleges for remediation--so you will not find samples online...


Video lessons are also available for around $30.


Solutions manuals are available--but since most problems are only 1-2 steps it does not offer much help.


I have the 6th and 7th editions--so you can also e-mail me if you ever need help teaching a concept.





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Essential Math comes BEFORE Basic College Math.

ISBN for the 2nd edition is 0-321-28742-8 and it should cost less than $10 at Amazon.com


You can use this text as a spine and then if more help is needed you can use one of the MANY free online math worksheet creator programs to make additional practice problems.


This text would review elementary math--but it will have the look of a more 'mature' text--and that might help with motivation--most 13yr olds do not want cute pictures of clowns and bunnies in their text books!

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