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Question for you crafty stampers...

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I am cleaning out closets this weekend and have decided it's time to move on from on earlier obsession with stamping. I have two large boxes of predominantly Stampin' Up! stamps, many of which have never been used. How do I dispose of these? I hate to throw them away. Any ideas?

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Carol and Rosy,


Thanks for the ebay idea-I think.:001_huh: That was an eye-opening experience looking at e-bay. I actually had the bins loaded in the car to take to Goodwill before I thought about asking on here. I was just so excited about empty cupboard space.:D Most of the sets are in excellent condition and many have never been used. I think I'll look at selling them all as a group. It looks like less work and stress.

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Go with ebay! I always watch a few auctions of similar items for a few days to get an idea of what going prices can be.


It is easy to sell..... just register as a seller & follow instructions!


If you accept Pay Pal.... remember they take big fees (big to me). Ebay cost about 35-50 cents for a listing, but Pay Pal takes a percentage.


Be sure you check on shipping costs bEFORE you post.... distance from you, packaging, and the item must be considered.


Have fun.

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