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Mail order prescriptions from Canada - good experiences?

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Hey all, my dh was laid off this year and the new job's insurance won't cover one of his meds that is expensive (Celebrex). We're paying out of pocket which is expensive... we can get three month's supply from Canada for what one month costs in the states.


We've heard that you have to be careful who you order from, though. We've heard some online pharmacies sell diluted drugs, etc. Any experience with this? Any online pharmacy that you recommend/trust?


Thanks for any feedback. It's a shame we have to resort to this but finances are what they are...



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people that have done this with good results.


Be very careful that you know with whom you are shopping--not all *Canadian* pharmacies are actually from Canada.

Specifically, there's one pharmacy with *Canadian* in its title that's actually based out of India. You just need to do your homework about the company.


But, as I said, I do know people that have done this both cheaply and successfully.



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Hey girl.....where have you been? I have heard a lot of the time if you contact the maker of the drug....they will work with you! My neighbor did this when he had cancer....he had no insurance....and he practically got his meds for free!


Drop me an email.....



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At least one major pharmecuetical company announced a month or so ago that they are offering FREE medication to those that have been laid off that were talking the medication before they lost their job. I think it was Pfzier, because the article lead with the line that Viagra was going to be free - but it wasn't just that medication.



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