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How much Grammar is "really" needed in High School?

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I know 4 English credits are required, but how do you break that down? We received our Standford 10 tests back, and both my older girls did very well in grammar/english. My oldest will be in 9th grade, does she really need grammar everyday for 2 semesters for 4 years?


I was thinking of doing it 2x a week, using R & S or Abeka, because I want to focus on writing and literature. Is this sufficient? How does everyone else do it?



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Guest Barb B

Well, They need for years of English which (as someone said) is your Literature and english composition type courses. That said even if they have had alot of grammar prior to high school they need to review it for the SAT I and ACT test for sure. Also vocabulary both on a long term and a short term review are good for SAT and ACT tests. Not to mention the essay on both tests. Oh yeh, critical reading is on both SAT and ACT so have a good literature program (as well as specific review for SAT and ACT).



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I had no grammar component of any kind in my high school English courses, except that which flowed naturally from literary analysis and editing written work. Honestly, we stop studying any subject once my students have shown mastery. Continuing grammar study is like continuing phonics instruction after they read well, KWIM?

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I stopped teaching grammar to my 10th grade dd when I found myself asking her opinion on tricky questions relating to her younger sibling's work.

She completed Analytical Grammar. The author does not believe in continuously teaching grammar - once you finish the program, you are done with grammar.

She'll continue with Review and Reinforcement worksheets here and there until she takes her last SAT/ACT test.

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