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What would cause a burning sensation in your skin?

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It's like that feeling you get when you have been in the cold to long - right before you go numb and lose all feeling. There is no obvious damage and the skin is not red. It started in one location about three days ago and is slowing speading to my whole body. It is reaching a point where it hurts to just lie on my flannel sheets. I have a humidifier running and I am using Lanocaine but it is getting pretty hard to reach my whole body. Anti-inflammitories and Benedryl are not touching it. Any ideas on what this might be?

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No idea what this could be. But it sounds sort of like what occasionally happens to me. It is sort of hard to describe how it feels. I tell my dh it almost feels like a rug burn.


It starts in one spot and then spreads a bit...as it spreads the original place it started stops feeling bad.


This happens sometimes once or twice a year. Sometimes I probably skip a year. It has been going on as long as I can remember.


It is painful to the slightest touch. In fact, if I am remembering correctly it hurts worse with a slight touch than it does when I press down hard.


I've never tried to take anything for it and it always goes away within 1-3 days. I've always wondered what it is. Weirdness.


I wonder if you and I are experiencing the same thing. Hope it goes away quickly!

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that is what I have felt everyday for almost a year. I am on an elimination diet right now and discovered yesterday that corn makes my muscles burn like that. I was pain free for four days while on the elimination portion of the diet. Then yesterday a.m. I had corn pancakes. Within a half hour I had a burning sensation moving through my muscles. I of course ate no more corn! It took 3 1/2 hours for the burning to go away.


Now - having said that - your burning sensation could be more localized. Or "burn" in a different way. And of course be due to something totally different. But I did want to mention that food allergies can cause a sensation like that in some people.

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