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Why is it that electrical appliances decide to die in groups?

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First the espresso machine, then the microwave/stove vent and now my dryer is on the fritz. I can't afford to fix or replace them all at the same time. I can do without the espresso machine especially since I don't drink them :sneaky2:, and I have a small spare microwave that we can use, but I can't live withour my dryer. I do two loads of towels per day. I had money set aside to retile my bathroom floor but it looks like I will be buying a dryer instead. :(

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Just last month we had the mother board go out on our air conditioner and 3 year old refridgerator. Shortly after that a switch went out on our wash machine. Our air conditioner was $543, but the refidgeraor ended being fixed for free because that part had been recalled. We ordered the part for the wash machine online and fixed ir ourselves. Hopefully nothing else will break.

God bless,


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it turned out it was faulty wiring - have you checked out your wiring?

Or do you think the appliances were just old?


Well the house is on the newish so the wiring should be good although we have had some issues in the kitchen. I guess I will have it checked out. The dryer on the other hand has lived a long productive life. I have had to replace two washer in the time I have had the dryer.

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Appliance Cult - its a conspiracy - they all go together to meet the great power source where all electricity is clean and there are no power surges.


I feel your pain. With us it is car issues.


I suggest trying to find a cheap used one for now on Craigslist. OR go to your local RentACenter or Aaron's Rent and see if they have any dinged ones for sale really cheap. We bought our current dryer at RentACenter about 7 years ago for about $100 because it had a big dent in the side - and other then having to cleaning out the vent house now and again we haven't had any real issues with it.


Also - check around and see if there are any appliance outlet stores in your area. We have one in town (I haven't purchased anything there yet) and they sell new appliances that have mostly cosmetic damage for pretty decent prices, if their fliers are correct.

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