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For those who have used Starting Points...

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did you follow the schedule as suggested? 9 weeks of Bible/Theology 9 weeks of literature....


or did you do a little of each or two subject areas at a time? I was just wondering how it worked out for you to do the chunks of "subjects"??


I am beefing up the lit because I have a great reader. Ds will be doing some of the lit from SL level 200 along with the SP..


How did you schedule SP...either individual students or co-ops?


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He skipped the readings from the Chronicles of Narnia books (weeks 10-12) because he had already read all of them a short while before, but I did have him do some of the pages in SP where the themes of those books were discussed. He did not do weeks 28-36 (the American history section). Because we cut it short, he was able to do a Comparative Religion study that year as well. He studied various world religions, cults, sects, and Christian denominations, using several books that bought as well as some from the library. ER worked on his SP assignments for about 30-45 minutes each morning.


His favorite parts of SP were weeks 13-18 (Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and The Deadliest Monster) and weeks 21-24 (Mere Christianity). He says that The Deadliest Monster should be required reading for all Christians, and he developed a great love for C.S. Lewis's work.

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I don't know if it would work to do Starting Points the way you stated. The idea is to build the Biblical Worlview the first 9 weeks, then spend time in literature and history applying the worldview principles. The first 9 weeks are IMHO the hardest.


We did SP in a co-op. The kids had a Composition & Lit class and SP class all year. During the first 9 weeks of SP, I taught a short-story unit in the Comp & Lit class and focused on the essay format. This prepared the students to write the essay at the end of the first 9 weeks of SP. The short-stories didn't require as much reading as a novel would have and gave the students more time to read the SP material. When we did the Lit part of SP, we just concentrated on writing in the Comp & Lit class. I think I added one novel. During the history part of SP we continued with added lit selections in the Comp & Lit class.


Does that make sense?



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We did it together with a middle and high schooler and went at half pace (will finish in 2 years) as that is all we had time for. We spent about 1/2 hour per day, reading the books aloud and discussing/writing as we go, so that is why we are slow. We probably won't do the last section on American history as we've already covered that. The book lays out the the assignments and we have just worked through them in order because as the OP commented, one part lays the foundation for the next.

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