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What was/is wrong with our kitten?

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We have a kitten who is 12 weeks old. The kitten was acting very strange on Tuesday. He was difficult to arouse and slept most of the day. When he would wake up and walk he would stagger and act disoriented. I did not have time to take him to the vet since my son fell and broke his arm and I had to take HIM to the hospital. The next day the kitten seemed much better, maybe a little less active, but otherwise normal. Today he is perfectly fine although possibly thinner than last week. He seems to be eating and drinking normally and is back to his playful cuddly self.


The mother cat is our cat. All of his litter mates were given away several weeks ago. The mother seems perfectly healthy and has shown no symptoms.


Any ideas? Could he have eaten something that would affect him this way? Should I still be concerned? Could he have just been overheated (it was 95F on Tuesay) Should I go ahead and take him to the vet anyway?




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Has the kitten or mother cat been tested for Feline Leukemia?

Had the kitten not eaten recently before stumbling around?

Has the kitten seen a vet yet? If not then I would take him in for an exam and vax and other testing anyway and let the vet know what you witnessed. It really could have been nothing more than a sleepy kitten who was stumbling or it could be something else.

good luck.

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Thanks Allene,

The kitten has not seen a vet yet. I was just going to take him to a "shot clinic" this weekend, but didn't want to take him there if he was really sick. Maybe I will see the vet this time.


BTW- mamma cat was negative for feline Leukemia in Nov. Can I rule that out at this point?


Does momma go outside or have any access to other cats that might go outside or were not tested? If momma has been inside only with no contact with other cats you can normally rule out Leukemia for her but if she was only tested once, had exposure to other cats then you cannot rule it out.


Since he has not been checked up by a vet yet I would recommend an appointment for him even if you only get piece of mind from it right now.


Also I would def. take note if any odd behavior happens like that again.

Does the kitten go outdoors at all right now?


COuld he have gotten in to anything strange around the house, plants, cords, food items,etc? I see that you were questioning this as well and that could certainly could have happened. I would check all around for anything out of the ordinary.


good luck.

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