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Adult Learners-- What are some of your favorite teaching company courses?

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I have not finished this yet but it is an absolutely fascinating tour through astronomical, geological history, early earth, then human history, as we know it. Warning-this is an unabashedly old-earth view of the history of the universe but if you can handle that, it's very interesting stuff.

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Anything by Prof. Elizabeth Vandiver and/or Prof. Philip Daileader. Specifically, I've enjoyed all 3 Early, High, and Late Middle Ages lectures by Daileader and the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer & the Aeneid of Virgil by Vandiver.

I just ordered Vandiver's Iliad, Odyssey, and Mythology courses yesterday. Can't wait to get them. I'll be using them as supplements to my soon-to-be 9th grader's Great Books I online course.

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Haven't used any Teaching Company courses yet, but I keep going to their website and lusting after different topics. I'm currently viewing Dr Bronowski's Ascent of Man and Sir Kenneth Clark's Civilisation.


The Ascent of Man looks at the way the sciences developed through history (from pre-historic times) whereas Civilisation looks at the development of architecture and art since the ancient world.


Would love to know what other thought of these DVD sets, compared to what the Teaching Company have to offer.




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John McWhorter -- he does two linguistics courses for TC


Our family listened to his first TC course while driving around in the car, and it inspired ds to request that I put together a linguistics course as part of his English curriculum :)



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