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Keys to American History


Maybe I'm behind a bit, but this is the first time I have seen this book. I just picked it up at our library today. I promptly put it on my Amazon Wish List.


The author has compiled primary source documents in this nations history. These are compiled chronologically, 1606 to 2002. In a given "chapter" there is a brief introduction, the source document, and a "snapshot" of context by quoting from various newspapers, history books and letters. No matter what your preferred "angle" is in teaching history, this book will make an excellent reference. If you are like me, and favor a Zinn-like approach to history you should find this book a complement to that approach. The author freely states he can't give every side to a particular issue in history, but hopes the primary documents will help the reader ask questions to determine what is fact and what is opinion and to determine if a given author was biased or neutral. There are some photos and pictures of the original document. But there isn't much to clutter the goal of providing as many documents in this book as possible. In my opinion, this book is perfect for ages 12 or so to adult.


Hope this helps someone in their American History quest!

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