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Writing vs reading grade 3


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My dd is going into 3rd. We just finished writing thank you notes for her birthday gifts (she's just 9) and there's so many words she can't spell.


We've done spelling and such and she does well, but if she writes something on her own, it's not so good. So is this a separate thing to learn? Writing without seeing words? Applying what you learn in spelling to write? She spelled "stuffed" as stuft. I'd have guessed she'd at least put an ed ending on it. Is this normal or do we have a ton a work to do?

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When I dropped the workbooks for spelling with my dd going into 3rd, and started a new more CM way, her 100% spelling pages finally drifted into other areas. She was also doing very well in "spelling class", but not on her own. Now, she spelling almost anything.


In 2nd I used a list, but now we're doing dictation only using HOD (Dictation Day by Day First or Second year which you can get free on google books).


She studies the sentence(s), she flips the card, I say the sentence, she repeats it to me then writes it. She flips the card back and checks her work, fixes any mistakes and she's done. If she makes NO mistakes, we move on to the next one the next day, if she so much as leaves out a comma, we do it over the next day. I have never seen such drastic improvement more quickly than I've seen with her spelling like this!


ETA: I write the sentence on a index card very plainly with a marker, then if she makes mistakes, she circles them with a pencil on the card (lightly) so she will pay special attention to that part the following day. I also number them according the their number in the book and keep them all in an recipe box with a divider to show our current sentence so she can study on her own and tell me when she's ready. Takes a whole minute a day for me!

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I know just what you're talking about and it's frustrating. One thing that has helped my children is to tell them to slow down when they write and sound the words out by syllables. You do want to use some type of spelling program that teaches them enough rules that they can do spell by syllable.


For her age, spelling stuffed as stuft is not unusual. Just remind her that past tense words with a t sound at the end are usually spelled with an "ed". This is where the slow down part comes in. Around fifth grade it seems that what they've learned in their study of spelling is more consistently applied in their writing. Don't sweat it too much.

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