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Above ground pool deck--cost of replacing?

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We have an above ground pool, with a deck. I don't know how old the deck is, but it's not in great shape. There's a lot of uneven boards, and I noticed yesterday that several boards are cracked and one of the step boards is particularly bad--almost cracked all the way through, enough that it wobbles when you step on it. We'll have to mark it with orange paint or something until we can get that board replaced.


Does anyone have a ballpark figure for replacing a pool deck?

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Sorry, but I don't have a cost number for you. I just wanted to suggest that you look into the products that include solar water heating in the decking for an above-ground pool. The benefit of this approach is two-fold: warmer water and a deck that is cool on your feet. I saw this a few years ago, but I'm sorry I don't have a link. If you're interested, I may be able to find it...

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Hmmm...hadn't heard of that before. Yes, the deck gets very hot! We did buy a solar heating system this spring, although we don't have it installed yet. Part of the issue is figuring out where to put it. It's the type that the water just runs through and gets heated as it goes through all the little black plastic tubes. We could set it out on top of the deck, but dh is afraid someone will step on it and break it. (it wouldn't cool the deck, though).

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