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Active duty families- it;s a happy day!


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My dd is a junior this upcoming year and so we really need to start looking at schools. I had been under the wrong idea that she would be getting only money for the cost of FLorida state schools since that is where our legal residency is. Now it turns out that out of the states I have researched so far (about 20) she would get anywhere from a low of 22,087 a year if she goes to a school in DC to 71,022 if she goes to a school in Texas. I think we will still try to have her try to get merit scholarships so that we can either use the money for her younger sister (who actually is more likely to get scholarships as she will be going the science/engineering route) or for the older one to get financing for law school or medical school. Dh will get 4 years of tradional school years financed up to the maximum for the given area and he can divy it up as he pleases to me or the children. (He could use it for himself but since he already has a PhD, I don't think so).

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