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Lessons from Strep

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We have all been sick here starting two weeks ago. It started with my 8 yr old, and it went through all of us. The three boys are better. I stayed sick. I had a fever for a week. Headaches like I've never had before. So yesterday DH convinced me to go to the Dr. I didn't want to. I decided to go just to make him happy. Well, I have strep. I decided to go ahead and start antibiotics. I asked why my boys got over it, and I didn't. She said something about being young with strong immune systems. Plus the fact that I have interrupted sleep due to the kids that will weaken the immune system.


So what have I learned?


1. Kids are germy.


2. Getting older weakens your body's ability to fight germs.


3. Being a mom weakens your body's ability to fight germs.


4. When DH says go to the Dr. He is right.



I'm very glad I live in a time with antibiotics. I'm feeling better already.

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Another possibility:


1. You were clean, but were reinfected since you are the mom. You touch way more infested items than other family members, and usually multiple times.


2. It's also possible you got a stronger strain the first time around.



Just trying to make you feel better.


I, too, am eternally grateful for living in a time with antibiotics, even if I do try to use them as little as possible.

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I had strep dozens of times throughout my life.


However, I haven't had it since 1990. In 1990, I had the absolute worst case ever. I couldn't speak clearly enough to call in sick at work. It came on so fast and stuck around. That was the last time I ever had it!! I think I finally conquered it with that last fight. Perhaps you will be as lucky...



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