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A place for everything, everything in it's place . . . go ahead, congratulate me!

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I've interpreted for a few hard-core "lean" companies and one of many qualities that makes a lean company lean is having a place for everything and having everything in it's place. This is something that I really wanted to translate into my own domestic version (sorry, I can't resist a pun).


I've tried it a number of times but it never sticks. I organize like mad and get everything as I think it should be but it falls apart. I've thought and thought about why it always fails and you know what I'm actually doing? Yes, just as those mfg giants do, I'm marking it with tape.


I've done the front restroom (I wanted to start with something small so I could see a lot of accomplishment in a short amount of time).The medicine cabinets, closet, cabinets . . . everything has a little tape labeling where it must be retured to. Two things happened: 1) everything got organized and 2) I had to set my teeth and decide that nothing lived on the counter (b/c I don't want to actually see the tape).


I started the school room today. I'm still in the organizing phase so lables won't go till tomorrow.


We've already had a family meeting (again) and everyone agrees that this will nip excuses in the bud and promises (again) to put everything where it goes and not to bring anything in unless s/he can find or make a home for it.


I am b*e*l*i*e*v*i*n*g* that this will work! so feel free to congratulalte me of the success that will certainly come!!!:001_huh:

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I have wanted to use labeling tape for a while - but haven't because I shouldn't "have" to - you know what I mean? However, I just cannot take it any more. The kids know that towels and sheets, etc., go in the linen closet, for example, but everything is constantly mixed up in there. And God forbid anything is on the correct shelves in the pantry when they help me put away groceries! It isn't all them - this would help me a lot as well. But it seems weird, because I never see this when I go over anyone else's house. However, I don't really care what anyone thinks any more, because I really want to make life easier HERE.


So - tomorrow I am going to redo the linen closet. I am going to purchase a few small plastic baskets that will be for the cloth napkins, dish clothes and dish towels, and a separate one for rags we don't use on the dishes. This right here will make life easier for everyone I think, hahah. And put labels on the shelves for where the towels vs. the sheets and blankets go.

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