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Physical activity for a 4-year-old

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We're stuck indoors most of the time, and I'm trying to move as little as possible (summer heat, final trimester, and arthritis are a miserable combination!). So what are some creative ideas for giving my child lots of physical activity? She already goes to gymnastics and ballet, but I need at-home ideas.

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pushing and pulling things, carrying things....


do you have a sit-n-spin?


What about a rocker/recliner? does it spin too?


Tape a line on the floor to walk, hop, jump over, cross leg step, tippy toe, etc


crab and bear crawl


rolls, spinning, acting like animals


dance or exercise videos for kids


balance games (balance beam, walking on couch cushins, balance board, etc)


rebounder (small trampoline)


obstacle courses with blankets, hoops, chairs, furniture, etc


beat her own record for reps/amt of time for jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, etc


alphabet reps for many of the above (or counting by 10's or whatever would work too).


Hope this helps a little,

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Thanks for the great ideas! My parents have a mini-trampoline that they're going to bring us next time they come for a visit. I'm going to use painter's tape and make hopscotch on the kitchen floor (and maybe some zigzag lines for her to run). I'll try to incorporate some of the other ideas too!

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We kept an inflatable bouncy thing, a slide and a trike w/a basket indoors. When the bouncer got old, we'd deflate and then get some boxes and open the ends so the little ones could build a tunnel and have fun crawling through.

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